Jun Abe: Citizens in Society 1989 – 1994 (Vacuum Press, 2019)

Jun Abe (阿部 淳,born 1955) is a Japanese street photographer and educator who lives and works in Osaka. As of autumn 2014, he has produced six books of photographs of people in cities, including Citizens: 1979–1983, which won the Society of Photography Award. He was the official photographer of the butoh dance group Byakko-sha (白虎社) from 1982 to 1994.

Artist: http://www.thethirdgalleryaya.com/en/artists/jun_abe/index.php

Publisher: https://vacuumpress.theshop.jp/items/20036959

By the Way

Kiyohiko Senba And His Haniwa All Stars // Princess Knight

Haniwa All Stars is the brainchild of Kiyohiko Senba, who adapted the large orchestral group from previous punk/new wave project “Haniwa-chan”. They’ve frequently collaborated with Jun Togawa.

In “Citizens in Society (1989 – 1994)”, his latest book of street photography, Jun Abe adopted the same approach he employed in his 1979-’83 series “Citizens“ (published as a book in 2009).

Shot on the streets of Osaka, “Citizens in Society” once again exemplifies Abe’s almost uncanny ability to seek out – and capture – the random moments in the chaos of everyday life which can tell entire stories in the frame of a photograph.

Publisher’s Info

Vacuum Press was started by a group of photographers and began publishing photobooks in 2008.

The focus lies on publishing photobooks by its members, and all decisions during the publication process are made according to the photographer’s wishes. Vacuum Press currently consists of three members: Jun Abe, Shogo Yamada and Yasuko Noguchi. In addition to photobooks produced by its core members, Vacuum Press also collaborates with guest photographers.