Tag: Everyday life

Mikko Kerttula: Transcendence

In his debut book Mikko Kerttula observes the everyday events at a bus terminal of a small Swedish city of Sundsvall.

Michael Lesy: Snapshots 1971–77

In the summer of 1971, Michael Lesy found most of the snapshots in Snapshots 1971–77 in a dumpster behind a gigantic photo-processing plant in San Francisco.

Issei Suda: My Japan

Issei Suda – My Japan is an introduction to his life’s work, from the 1960s until the publication of his final book in 2018.

Andrew Miksys: Bingo

After reminiscing with his parents about their newspaper Bingo Today, Miksys embarked on a journey across the U.S. to produce a set of portraits of the people who frequent bingo halls.

Will Harris: You Can Call Me Nana

A personal yet universal family memoir where a photographer confronts his grandmother’s dementia and tries to make sense of their changing relationship.

Katherine Longly: Hernie & Plume

Katherine Longly (1980, BE) lives and works in Brussels and graduated in photography, communications and anthropology. She pays special attention to actively involve people she works with in the construction of her projects.

Ward Long: Summer Sublet

Ward Long is a photographer living in Oakland, California. Working in his home state and the American South, Ward blends a documentary style with personal storytelling.