Maude Arsenault: Entangled (Deadbeat Club, 2020)

Entangled encapsulates a pivotal moment for Maude Arsenault’s work, representing a shift in perspective and personal responsibility. “After years dedicated to creating glorified images of women,” she says of her success in fashion photography, “I came to question my role and influence in the transmission of models of femininity.” Albeit informed by a progressive, non-binary upbringing, this introspection is ultimately necessary now – in the context of motherhood as she raises three children including a young woman.

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Maude Arsenault is a photographer, artist and curator and the mother of three children. She has lived in Sydney, Paris and New York and is now based in her hometown of Montreal. In recent years, she has completed studies in art history at Université de Montréal and she is currently pursuing a Master in Visual Arts at UQAM.

In 2013, she founded online gallery The Print Atelier, where she is until today, curator and director.