Mark Steinmetz: Berlin Pictures (Kominek Books, 2020)

Born in 1961, Mark Steinmetz resides in Athens, Georgia. He has spent his career, beginning in the mid-1980s, relying on chance events to capture his photographs. Working in series, his intimate black and white photographs cover such subjects as children and teenagers, small southeastern American towns, street scenes in Paris, and various Italian cities. (Link)

Books (Selection): 2018 Past K-Ville, Stanley Barker; 2015 The Players, Nazraeli Press; 2010 Italia, Nazraeli Press, 2009 Greater Atlanta, Poem by Linh Dinh, Nazraeli Press, 2008 South East, Introduction by Peter Galassi, Nazraeli Press, 2006 South Central, Introduction by Richard B. Woodward, Nazraeli Press.



From 2012 to 2019 Mark Steinmetz took photos on the streets of Berlin. This work now comes together in the book Berlin Pictures, published by Kominek Books in 2020. The hard and soft sides of Berlin are portrayed in poetic and floating images like only Mark Steinmetz can do.

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Publisher: Kominek Books