Photobook Resources



Are you interested in further information about photobooks? Here you can see the first version of a list of free photobook resources on the internet ( Blogs, Magazines, Organisations etc.). I will highly appreciate your feedback on this list. So if you have to say something about it, please leave a comment on the bottom of this page.


1000 Words
10×10 Photobooks
5B4 2007 -2013 (by Jeffrey Ladd)
748photobook (by  Lilian Froger)
A shimmer of books (by Christophe Collas) (by Andreas Bitesnich)
Adam Bell
Africa in the Photobook (by  Ben Krewinkel)
Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive
Bildersturm (by Thomas Schulz)
Bilderwald (by Thomas Schulz)
Cape Reporting on the Art of the Photobook (by David Nollet)
Colin Pantall’s Blog
Collector Daily  (by Loring Knoblauch)
Conscientious Photography Magazine (by  Jörg M. Colberg)
Cuatro Cuerpos
Des livres et des photos (by Rémi Coignet)
Eyecurious 2009-2013 with full archive (by Marc Feustel)
Gabrielacendoya | fotolibros y algo mas.
GUP Magazine
Indie Photobook Library (by Larissa Leclair)
Josef chladek – on photobooks and books
kasseler fotobuchblog
Monsters and madonnas – The ICP Library Blog
One Year of Books (by Laurence Vecten)
Photobookstore magazine
photo-eye Blog
The angry bat’s (by Matej Sitar)
The independant photobook (by (Hester Keijser und Jörg Colberg)
The Photo Book Club (by Matt Johnston)
The PhotoBook Journal (by Douglas Stockdale)
Who needs another photo blog (by Christer Ek)

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