Photobook Resources

Are you interested in further information about photobooks / photography? Here you can see the second version of a list of free photobook / photography resources on the internet ( Blogs, Magazines, Organisations etc.). I will highly appreciate your feedback on this list.

#####Last updated 14.04.2020#####

1000 WordsConscientious Photography Magazine
10×10 PhotobooksEyecurious 2009-2013 with full archive
 5B4 2007 -2013 (by Jeffrey Ladd)Gabrielacendoya | fotolibros y algo mas.
748photobook (by  Lilian Froger)GUP Magazine (by Andreas Bitesnich)Josef chladek – on photobooks and books
Africa in the Photobook (by  Ben Krewinkel)kasseler fotobuchblog
The angry bat’s (by Matej Sitar)Monsters and madonnas – The ICP Library Blog
A shimmer of books (by Christophe Collas)The PhotoBook Journal (by Douglas Stockdale)
Bildersturm (by Thomas Schulz)Photobookstore magazine
BintphotoBooksphoto-eye Blog
Colin Pantall’s BlogPhot(o)lia)
Collector Daily  (by Loring Knoblauch)Who needs another photo blog (by Christer Ek)
Free Photobook Sites

#####Last updated 14.04.2020#####

Aperture FoundationNOOR
British Journal of PhotographyPHmuseum
burn magazinePhotomonitor magazine
Dodho MagazinePhotoworks UK
F-Stop MagazinePHROOM – International research platform
Humble Arts FoundationPUNTO DE FUGA
International Center of PhotographyUrbanautica
LensCulture – Contemporary PhotographyYOGURT
More Photography Sites
1 reply to Photobook Resources
  1. Please add George Eastman Museum to your list:
    It is located in Rochester, NY where George Eastman, the person who started Kodak company, lived and contains a verly large collection of cameras, photographs and films.


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