Hiro Tanaka: OOOFOO (Block House and Island Japan, 2020)

Hiro Tanaka was born and raised in Japan and has lived in the United States for several years. An interesting coincidence led him to start taking photographs, and getting on the van, traveling with punk bands in United States and Europe – after accidentally winning a free trip to the US through raffles at a shopping mall in Tokyo, since then he has been taking photographs, shooting video footage and collecting English slangs and phrases.

He has won TPD Book Award 2018 and Cosmos Arles PDF Award 2018, and has been selected as a finalist and shortlisted for several awards such as the Kassel Photobook Award, Kassel Dummy Award, Gomma Photography Grantard and more.

Books: Dew Dew, Dew Its (Asian Man Records, 2013); Around 42nd and 7th (Dot Art Italy, 2018); Chicarron (Witty Kiwi, 2018); OOOFOO (Block House and Island Japan, 2020).

Artist: https://asianmanrecords.com/hiro/index.html

Exhibition: http://www.blockhouse.jp/index.php?itemid=258

A photo book that summarizes the American foods I ate during my trip, and a volume of 300 pages. Junky things like pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, steaks, pasta, creamy cakes … to be honest, some photos don’t look good, but on the contrary, we’re always used to them.

Because it is not a “delicious photo”, all the photos are more and more attractive to the viewer. The concept of “delicious appearance” and “eating” is broken, and it looks like a strange thing.

Hiro Tanaka

By The Way

Haruomi Hosono – Galaga from Video Game Music (Yen Records, 1984)

Video Game Music was released in 1984 as an early example of a chiptune record and the first video game music album.

Publisher: Block House and Island Japan