Short Cuts 17

Short Cuts 17 presents 4 new photobooks: (1) Julião Sarmento: Café Bissau (Pierre von Kleist, 2020) (2) Stephen Berkman (Ed.): Predicting the Past—Zohar Studios: The Lost Years (Hat & Beard, 2020) (3) plant petter (Self-published, 2020) (4) Gerry Johansson: Ehime (T&M Projects, 2020).

(1) Julião Sarmento: Café Bissau (Pierre von Kleist, 2020)

Trained as an architect and with a long career as an artist, Julião Sarmento (Lisboa, 1948) has been taking photographs for more than forty years. From early on, his technical and lyrical control of the medium allowed him to develop a personal style. His photographs cover a wide variety of interests: people, places, gatherings, travels, animals in or out of zoos, cars, experiments on light… Medium format, 35mm, colour, black and white, digital and analogue photographs flow harmoniously in the artist atlas.

Publisher’s Info

Publisher: Pierre von Kleist

Julião Sarmento (Lisbon, 1948) is one of the most renowned Portuguese contemporary artists.

Sarmento has developed a multi-media visual language, combining film, video, sound, painting, sculpture and installations. His work deals with themes such as psychological interaction, sensuality, voyeurism and transgression.



(2) Stephen Berkman (Ed.): Predicting the Past—Zohar Studios: The Lost Years (Hat & Beard, 2020)

Predicting the Past takes us on a discursive journey through the 19th century into the world of Shimmel Zohar, a Jewish immigrant from Eastern Europe who came to America in the 1850s. Already an accomplished silhouette artist, he became the proprietor of eponymous Zohar Studios, a storied photographic establishment­ located on Pearl Street in the predominately Jewish Lower East Side of New York.

Berkman resurrects this vanished world in a tribute to Zohar Studios, working with the archaic glass plate process and photographing through period lenses, still coated with the dust of the 19th century.

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Publisher: Hat & Beard


(3) plant petter (Self-published, 2020)

plant petter is an experimental examination of the interactions between humans and nature.

How do people physically touch plants and fungi and nature with their bodies? The demonstration of interspecies relationships forms new pathways for thinking about our role in the Anthropocene and the climate crisis. Touching & stroking, observing & creating curiosity expands our conscious & subconscious relationships to our everyday environments.

Publisher’s Info

Publisher: Self-Published

Curated by Madeline Cass & Emily Margarit Mason.

Contributions by: Alex Cave, Amelia Bauer, Andrea Koesters, Andy Mattern, Ashley E Walters, Charissa Lucille, Charlotte Klein, Courtney Crawford, Danny Allegretti, Dianne Duenzl, Hannah Gottschalk, Hannah Eisenberg, Jaclyn Wright, Jamie Ho, Jennifer Lothrigel, Jennifer Ray, Joey Solomon, Joni McGinley, Jordanna Kalman, Julia Krüger, Juliette Clara Bertoldo, Kat Kiernan, Kelly Mitchell, Kyle Ross, Laurena Roytberg, Lindsay Bottos, Mattie Ott, Melodia D’Amour, Nicholas Shaya, Nicole Kather, and robert stewart.


(4) Gerry Johansson: Ehime (T&M Projects, 2020)

During my 4-week long stay in Ehime, I had experienced some completely different and much more traditional aspects of Japan. It was, above all else, interesting to see how the symbols of traditional culture and respect for nature lives in modern society.

Of course, the question of whether I, a European, understand or misunderstand the symbols remains a relevant one. Quite simply, do I really know what I’m photographing?

I am convinced that the images will be interpreted very differently depending on your cultural background. And I like that. That’s how I want it to be.

Gerry Johansson

Publisher: T&M Projects

Gerry Johansson (b. 1945) is a Swedish photographer who developed an interest in photography during his teen years and moved to New York in the early 1960s.

He later studied graphic design at Konstindustriskolan (today the School of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg), working in graphic design for fifteen years. Since the mid-1980s he has worked as a freelance photographer. His first solo exhibition was at the Fotografiska Museet at the Moderna Museet, 1982.

He has published lots of books especially since 2000.