Fresh Stories

CJ Chandler: The Twist of a Knee

Both brutal and tender, the twist of a knee was made over four years in and around Makhanda in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

David Batchelder: Creatures

Batchelder’s creatures emerge from the sand and although one can clearly see eyes, mouths, noses, bones, and skulls, they are pure products of imagination seeking to be interpreted by a viewer.

Kentaro Kumon: Nemurushima

Kentaro Kumon’s Nemurushima series of photographs was taken
on the remote, tiny island of Teshima, famous centuries ago for
shipbuilding and shiphandling.

Evelyn Hofer: New York

In Hofer’s photos of the street and (semi-)public spaces, people and architecture become symbols of a particular time and place. She immersed herself in New York society and captured these aspects of the everyday in images that invariably reflect the zeitgeist.

Yana Wernicke: Companions

Wernicke’s series is a touching portrait of two young women who have established profound relationships with animals. Rosina and Julie each independently save animals from certain death and create bonds of love and trust with them.

Inuuteq Storch: Keepers of the Ocean

Keepers of the Ocean is a personal exploration of intimacy with and within the overwhelming nature of west Greenland. The book portrays the close community of Storch’s hometown Sisimiut.


Color Photography