On The Barricades: (Mörel Books & City Lights Books, 2019)

This publication was republished by Mörel Books in collaboration with City Lights, San Francisco. On The Barricades was originally published on Bastille Day 1968. It is a photographic documentary on the uprisings in France in May 1968. The arresting photographs capture clashes between the authorities and protesters, injuries, and rubble in the streets. The text that accompanies the photographs come from anonymous poems, slogans and graffiti.

I think here there is a common ground between the American movement and the French Movement. It is a total protest, not only against specific evils and against specific shortcomings, but at the same time, a protest against the entire system of values, against the entire system of objectives, against the entire system of performances required and practiced in the established society. In other words, it is a refusal to continue to accept and abide by the culture of the established society. They reject not only the economic conditions, not only the political institutions, but the entire system of values which they feel is rotten at the core.

Herbert Marcuse in the Los Angeles Free Press

Publisher: Mörel Books