Bego Antón: The earth is only a little dust under our feet (Overlapse, 2018)



Bego Antón is a Spanish photographer focusing on subjects of human behavior and our psychological involvement with the natural world. She is particularly interested in niche subcultures that challenge our perception of truth, reality and fantasy. In 2017 she won the PhotoEspaña Revelation Award. Bego studied Journalism and documentary photography, and has Masters degrees in Photography and Design from Elisava, and Editorial Design from Bau (Barcelona).







Bego has travelled the breadth of Iceland from north to south and from east to west, searching for places where magical beings live. She sought out people who have a special ability to see them, asking around in every gas station, library, grocery store or hotel for anyone who could communicate with the Beings of the Earth. She could not be deterred by the wild forces of an unforgiving Icelandic winter, or the fact that she was a Spanish-speaking stranger trekking across remote parts of the country. Her curiosity and imagination would propel her journey and keep her safe. Publisher`s Info










Trade Hardcover | 17 x 23 cm | 216 pages | Section-sewn binding | 93 colour and b+w photographs | 3 interior illustrations | 25 storybook (text) pages | Book design by Nicolas Polli.





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Artist: Björk | Album: Utopia | Year: 2017.