Todd Hido: Bright Black World (Nazraeli Press, 2018)



Todd Hido (b. 1968) is a San Francisco Bay Area-based contemporary artist and photographer. Much of Hido’s work involves photographs of urban and suburban housing across the U.S.






“He has traversed North America capturing places that feel at once familiar and unknown; welcoming and unsettling. Underscoring the influences of Nordic mythology and specifically the idea of Fimbulwinter, which translates into the ‘endless winter’, many of Hido’s new images allude to and provide form for this notion of an apocalyptic, never-ending winter.

Exploring the dark terrain of the Northern European landscape and regions as far as the North Sea of Japan enchanted Hido, calling him back on several occasions. This newest publication highlights the artist’s first significant foray extensively photographing territory outside of the United States, chronicling a decidedly new psychological geography.” Publisher’s Info








Text by Alexander Nemerov | Hardcover | 17 x 12 inches | 104 pages | 48 four-color plates | 3.000 copies.




Video: In Conversation with… Todd Hido: Bright Black World (REFLEX Amsterdam on youtube)