Kanade Hamamoto: Midday Ghost (Hito Press, 2020)

Midday Ghost is the first publication by Japanese photographer Kanade Hamamoto (*2000). She is based in Tokyo,Japan.

Artist: https://www.kanadehamamoto.com/

Publisher: https://www.hito.press/

By the Way

Susumu Yokota – Tobiume from Sakura. Released: 2000 . ℗ Hub 100

Hamamoto’s quiet, contemplative photographs were all taken within everyday life yet show us a dream-like world beyond reality.

Inspired by the thought of ghosts appearing not in the dark of the night but in bright daylight, Hamamoto used broken cameras and a mixed-media approach to endue her images with a peculiar otherness without losing her footing on this side of reality.

Publisher’s Info

“I wanted it to be a book that allowed people to forget their surroundings […] My intention was to provide a growing sense of immersion with each turn of the page, as if you slowly leave your body behind.

Kanade Hamamoto (Link)

Publisher: Hito Press