Juan Diego Valera: Diente de Chucho (Ca L’Isidret Edicions, 2014)

Diente de chucho shows the state of confusion and permanent alert of a disoriented photographer in an unknown place. Immersed in uncontrollable situations, evoking apparently common landscapes and spaces, here the human factor is used as a reiterative ingredient of straightforward images from an author unable to separate the emotional from the objective. Photographs desperately taken during a 28 day inquiry in Ciudad de Guatemala.

Juan Diego Valera is one of the founding members of the publishing house Ca L’Isidret Edicions. He studied Fine Arts in Córdoba (Argentina), and in 2001 he moves his residence to Barcelona, where he develops his creative process.

Artist: http://juandiegovalera.com/

Publisher: https://www.calisidretedicions.cat/

By The Way

The Mutants – Bamboo Moon (feat. The Let’s Go’s) from Tokyo Nights. Released: 2015 by Killer Tracks.

Publisher: Ca L’Isidret Edicions