Tom Wood: People (Wienand Verlag,1999)



Originally trained as a painter, Irish born Tom Wood is better known as a street photographer, with his earlier work focused on the Merseyside area (1978-2001).






“The New Yorker’s photography critic, Vince Aletti, once memorably described Wood’s style as “loose, instinctive and dead-on” adding “he makes Martin Parr look like a formalist”.


This lack of detachment is the key to Wood’s peculiar style. When he talks about individual photographs, he homes in on tiny details that one often does not register: the clenched fist of an edgy-looking lad in a passing group of football fans; the barely apparent writing on a girl’s bag; the way a gesture in one image echoes a similar gesture in another. For all that, he seems oddly unconcerned by how the work is hung, leaving it to the curator, though he returns more than once to a group of rejected photographs arranged on the gallery floor.” Sean O’Hagan / The Guardian








Original cloth in dust-wrapper, text English/German, 32.2 x 24.8, foreword by Lewis Biggs. texts by Jürgen Kisters, Klaus Honnef and Hubertus von Amelunxen.