Tag: British

Lewis Bush: Depravity’s Rainbow

Depravity’s Rainbow dealts with the contradictory history of space exploration, and the way that militaristic aims have often been dressed in a cloak of peaceful civilian science.

Lottie Davies: Quinn

Quinn by photographer, artist and writer Lottie Davies is a prescient and timely meditation on grief, loss, loneliness, the search for meaning, and the possibility of redemption through time and landscape.

Robin Friend: Apiary

Apiary uses a cinematic lens to uncover the dark underbelly of Lewes, a town in South East England.

Nick Brandt: The Day May Break

It is a first part of a global series portraying people and animals that have been impacted by environmental degradation.

Jet Swan: Material

British artist Jet Swan’s first monograph collects together the last three years of the artist’s engagement with members of the public through impromptu studio spaces.

Paddy Summerfield: Home Movie

This is about falling from innocence into exile, a dark world of claustrophobic interiors, of low life bars and stained streets.