Helen Levitt: Slide Show – The Color Photographs of Helen Levitt (powerHouse Books, 2005)



Helen Levitt (1913-2009) had her first solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1943. Levitt’s photographs appeared in Edward Steichen’s landmark 1955 show The Family of Man and in more recent exhibitions of great importance, including MoMA’s Photography Until Now and the National Gallery of Art’s On the Art of Fixing a Shadow in Washington, D.C., both celebrating the invention of photography.







“In 1959, and again in 1960, Helen Levitt received grants from the Guggenheim Foundation to photograph in color on the streets of New York, where she had photographed two decades earlier in black-and-white. But tragically, the best of these pioneering color pictures were stolen from her apartment in 1970 and she had to start over again. In 1974 the new work was shown as a continuous slide projection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art—an early example of a slide show presentation by a museum and one of the first exhibitions of serious color photography anywhere in the world. Slide Show presents more than one hundred photographs—including eight surviving images from the 1959–60 series—more than half of which have never been exhibited or published before.” Publisher’s Info









Helen Levitt: Slide Show; text by John Szarkowski; hardcover; 9 x 9.625 inches; 120 pages with 109 four-color photographs.


Artist: http://www.laurencemillergallery.com/artists/helen-levitt

Publisher: http://www.powerhousebooks.com/books/slide-show/