Martin and Inge Riebeek: The Essential (The Eriskay Connection, 2020)

Since 2010 artists Martin and Inge Riebeek (NL) have been collecting stories from people around the world for their video art project The Essential. In three or four minutes they tell us what matters most to them in their lives. This body of work contains already more than 600 video portraits of people from 23 countries.

This book offers a selection of 225 video portraits with transcipts of the touching monologues and additional photos taken while creating The Essential. In addition to various exhibitions and screenings Martin and Inge regularly post a new selection of videos online.




A woman in Naples who, as a child, saw her mother killed by bullets from the mafia and who now works in politics to combat that violence. A woman who sells coffee on the street and hopes that someday she will have enough money to go to a good dentist so she can smile at her clients and maybe find a good man.

A London banker who tells how the rat race of the financial world in which he and his wife work threatens to invade their private lives. Or a man in Nairobi speaking softly about his eldest son, the apple of his eye, who fell ill when he was 25 years old and died.

In many of those stories, a complete feature film seems to be hidden, but it always remains that few minutes: the moment of the first meeting. That first meeting, that is the core for Martin and Inge. You walk on the street and meet someone. He looks at you and tells you his story.

Publisher’s Info

Publisher: The Eriskay Connection