Short Cuts 16

Short Cuts 16 presents 4 new photobooks: (1) Rinko Kawauchi: As It Is (Chose Commune / Torch Press, 2020) (2) Felipe Romero Beltrán: Magdalena (Ediciones Anómalas, 2020) (3) Kacey Jeffers: Uniform (Self-Published, 2020) (4) Osamu Yokonami: Kumo (Libraryman, 2020).

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(1) Rinko Kawauchi: As It Is (Chose Commune / Torch Press, 2020)

A blue sky. A shimmering river. The birth of a new life. These are the first three photographs from Rinko Kawauchi’s book “As it is”. This new body of work returns to Kawauchi’s earlier photographic focus on her personal universe through family, memory and time. This book presents a succession of mundane moments and gestures ―  a spider’s web, a bowl of rice, a small hand pointing at an insect ― along with more significant ones ― her daughter’s first steps, family outings, the passing of a close relative.

The personal narrative of the book is punctuated by a photograph of a kitchen window witnessing the passing of the seasons, and short texts by Kawauchi herself interspersed in the sequence.

Publisher’s Info

Publisher: Chose Commune / Torch Press

Rinko Kawauchi was born in Shiga, Japan, in 1972. She currently lives and works in Tokyo.

Kawauchi burst on the international scene in 2001 when she was awarded the Kimura-Ihei-Prize, Japan’s most important emerging talent photography prize, shortly followed by the simultaneous publication of three beautiful books, Utatane (Catnap), Hanabi (Fireworks), and Hanako, her very personal study of a young girl of the same name. 



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(2) Felipe Romero Beltrán: Magdalena (Ediciones Anómalas, 2020)

The River Magdalena, named after Mary Magdalene, is the most important river in Colombia. Its source is the Andes Mountains, at an altitude of 3,650 metres, from where it crosses the country covering 1,600 kilometres before flowing into the Caribbean Sea. Halfway along its course, in the area called Magdalena Medio, we find natural whirlpools that bring piece of wood and other materials to the surface.

Since the beginning of the armed conflict in the sixties, the river has also been spewing out the bodies of murdered people. Guerrillas, paramilitary forces and local mafias would throw the victims’ corpses into the Magdalena to eliminate all traces of evidence. Political tensions and drug trafficking hastened a war with a death toll of over two hundred thousand.

Publisher’s Info

Publisher: Ediciones Anómalas

Felipe Romero Beltrán (Bogotá, Colombia.1992) is a documentary photographer based in Madrid, Spain. He has developed projects in different countries as Colombia, Argentina, Israel and Spain. Felipe focuses on long-term projects that approach social issues related to political conflicts in Latin America and Spain.



(3) Kacey Jeffers: Uniform (Self-Published, 2020)

Uniform is his series of portraits of Nevisian kids in their regulation garb, shot in situ at Nevis’s fourteen schools. His images make a terrific use of light and have an impeccable color sense. They also beautifully, and oftentimes poignantly, chronicle how despite having to wear the same thing as everyone else every single school day, who you really are can’t help but shine through.

Mark Holgate, Fashion News Director, Vogue U.S

Publisher: Self-Published

Kacey Jeffers is a photographer from Nevis now based in NYC. Working in the spaces of fashion, portraiture and story telling.



(4) Osamu Yokonami: Kumo (Libraryman, 2020)

The clouds serve as a common denominator in Osamu Yokonami’s (b. 1967, Japanese) continued exploration of youth, collectivity and anonymity. The utopian settings in Kumo depict an analogy of the cultural homogenization of society’s interconnecting networks; the social system—as a visual metaphor, the strength of a group can overcome individual actions.

Shooting locations include Tateyama, Mount Fuji, Miura, Numazu—all in Japan.

Publisher’s Info

Publisher: Libraryman

Osamu Yokonami is a Japanese photographer. He is mainly known for his group portraits of young women, usually dressed in identical fashion and taking the same pose. Often, the faces of the models remain hidden.

He is also known for his series Primal, where he portraits young children with an apple held between their left ear and their left shoulder.

Yokonami recently published 3 photobooks with Libraryman : Mizugi (2018), Primal (2019) and Kumo (2020).