Bérangère Fromont: I don’t want to disappear completely (September Books, 2018)

French photographer Bérangère Fromont (1975) first studied film and literature at the Sorbonne before deepening her photographic practice with photographers such as Claudine Doury and Antoine d’Agata. Her work has been exhibited worldwide and has been featured in various web and paper publications. Books: Cosmos (André Frère, 2015); I don’t want to disappear completely (September Books, 2018); Except the Clouds (Void, 2018).

Artist: http://berangerefromont.com/fr/accueil.html

Publisher: https://septemberbooks.org

Summer 2015. I spend a few days in a village in Latvia. The forest is everywhere, the population rare, the plants are invasive and venomous. I meet a group of teenagers, ghostly presence in this rough landscape frozen in the past. I ask them to make pictures with me. We stay together for a few hours.

Aïva, one of the girls in the gang spontaneously tells me stories about the village, stories of ghosts and haunted houses. “I’m not scared of anything, I’m afraid of ghosts,” she tells me. In this relatively inhospitable environment, life seems to fade slowly, without disappearing completely.

Bérangère Fromont

By The Way

Publisher: September Books