Koji Takiguchi: Sou (Little Big Man Books, 2014)

His publication Sou is Koji Takiguchi’s pure confrontation with family life and death.

Artist: http://www.kojitaki.com/

Publisher: https://www.littlebigmanbooks.com/products/koji-takiguchi-sou

Sou is perhaps one of the most concisely direct photo journals concerning family life and death that exists. To lay it bare, Sou begins as Takiguchi’s mother-in-law is dying of cancer, and very quickly we are introduced her husband whose health and sanity begins to crumble shortly after her death. We then witness a euphoria of love and romance–resulting in the conception and birth of Takiguchi’s son. His beloved cat Ponta dies, followed by a rapid and harrowing decline of his father-in-law’s health and subsequent final passing.

Through this intelligent arrangement, Takiguchi has permitted the viewer a catharsis of sorts, by unflinchingly recording both his own harrowing and euphoric experiences, and deftly delivering a document of profound grace and depth. The past, present and future are in accordance, bittersweet, but an ultimately harmonious coexistence.

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Publisher: Little Big Man Books