Piotr Zbierski: Echoes Shades (André Frère Éditions, 2020)

Piotr Zbierski (b. 1987) studied photography at National Film School in Lodz, Poland.

In 2012 he won the Leica Oscar Barnack Newcomer Award for his series Pass by me. In 2017 Dewi Lewis published his first book titled Push the Sky Away.

He mostly lives and works in Lodz but travels frequently, both in Europe and in the more remote parts of the world.

Artist: https://www.pushtheskybook.com/

Publisher: https://www.andrefrereditions.com/en/books/photography/echoes-shades/

Echoes Shades is the photographic analysis of the relationship and coexistence of nature and culture. In my work I understand culture as an echo of nature, while its symbols, signs, products and rituals as shades of elements and phenomena that occur in nature.

I focused mainly on ancient cultures (often animistic, e.g. Paradangan in Indonesia) and rituals transferred to generations in the oral tradition (including the institution of the Shaman in the Siberian tradition, the role of transition rituals in the tradition of Tana Toraja in Indonesia, initiation rituals of belonging to the communities of the African tribes of the Omo Region, the role of Whisperers from Podlasie in the tradition of natural medicine of the region).

Piotr Zbierski