No Olho da Rua (In the Eye of the Street) (Mörel Books, 2020)

No Olha Da Rua (In The Eye of the Street) is a long-term collaboration between young Brazilians living on the streets of Belo Horizonte and artists Julian Germain, Patricia Azevedo and Murilo Godoy. Using borrowed camera equipment, the young participants document their lives and work with the artists to edit, publish and distribute the results.

After 25 years, a unique photographic archive has been accumulated, consisting of approximately 15,000 35mm colour negatives as well as some audio recordings, interviews, writing and video.

The project will result in a series of 18 Zines over 12 Months with Mörel Books. The first 2 zines (Archive 1: Portraits; Archive 2: Edited by Martin Parr) are currently available.



In 1995, artists Julian Germain (UK), Patricia Azevedo and Murilo Godoy (BR) began working on No Olho da Rua (In the Eye of the Street) in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte. Their proposal was to put cameras into the hands of street children, young people living chaotic lives on the margins of society who had rarely, if ever, been photographed or made pictures themselves. The idea was not to offer them ‘supervised’ access to photography, but to give them freedom to independently make their own pictures, of anything they wanted, where and when they chose.

Fifty young people were given the most basic plastic point and shoot cameras and shown how to use them. From the outset they not only got enormous pleasure from photography, they also produced astonishing images, and as a result, the project has continued ever since, albeit on a sporadic and occasional basis as and when resources have allowed.

Publisher’s Info

The Beautiful Horizon / No Olho da Rua / Filmed, edited and directed by Ben Harding (Vimeo).