Short Cuts 11

Short Cuts 11 presents 4 brandnew photobooks. It starts with Chris Killip and ends with Shūji Terayama.

(1) Chris Killip: The Seaside 1975 – 1981 (Café Royal Books, 2020)

Born on the Isle of Man in 1946, Chris Killip was a Professor of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University where he had taught from 1991. Since 2012 he has held solo exhibitions at Museum Folkwang, Essen; Le Bal, Paris; Tate Britain, London; Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid; and the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles.


Chris Killip im Museum Folkwang (2012) (Vimeo)

(2) Teju Cole: Fernweh (Mack Books, 2020)

The picturesque vistas and apparent stability of Switzerland have made it an elusive subject for contemporary photography. Over a five-year period (2014 – 2019), Cole found a distinctly new way to look at a country that has been the quintessence of tourist experience for almost two centuries. Fernweh muses on the German word for a longing to be elsewhere. Cole’s meditative and scrupulously composed work, made with colour film, is evocative of the hidden history of the Alpine nation as well as of its highly curated terrain.

Publisher’s Info

Publisher: Mack Books

Teju Cole is a novelist, photographer, critic, curator, and the author of five books. He was the photography critic of the New York Times Magazine from 2015 until 2019. He is currently the Gore Vidal Professor of the Practice of Creative Writing at Harvard.

Teju Cole was born in the US in 1975 to Nigerian parents and was raised in Lagos. He currently lives in Cambridge, MA.


(3) Marie Déhé & Haydée Touitou: We Have Been Meaning To (Art Paper Editions, 2020)

Photographer Marie Déhé and writer Haydée Touitou team up to create We Have Been Meaning To, a book of sculptural poetry and poetic photographs. Words and images balance, push and attract our attention. A sensual softness and quiet passion show us pieces of skin and sky. Déhé and Touitou offer sunbeams through their words and images, making sounds in your head while flipping through the book. Daydreaming is made tangible.

Publisher’s Info

Marie Déhé is a Paris-based photographer.


Haydée Touitou began writing in 2014 when she started working for Apartamento magazine. First conducting interviews with cinema personalities like Wes Anderson, she quickly started experimenting with essays and non-fiction in general.

In 2017, Haydée co-founded The Skirt Chronicles, a publication founded by women which reflects a feminine voice yet does not exclude anyone from the conversation.


(4) Photothèque imaginaire de Shuji Terayama – Les gens de la famille Chien-Dieu (, 2020)

A re-issue of Shuji Terayama’s 1975 work Phototheque imaginaire de Shuji Terayama Les Gens de la Famille Chien-Dieu.

Shūji Terayama (寺山 修司, December 10, 1935 – May 4, 1983) was a Japanese avant-garde poet, dramatist, writer, film director, and photographer.

His works range from radio drama, experimental television, underground (Angura) theatre, countercultural essays, to Japanese New Wave and “expanded” cinema.

Terayama’s eclectic work focuses on issues of sexuality, normatised values, traditions, and conventions – breaking (or ignoring) the latter in terms of form and style. This eccentric, dazzling mix of photography, written text, irony, remix, originality, narrative and subconsciousness dives into legends and memories to form its absurd scenery.

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