Scott Conarroe: The Great Eastern (The Velvet Cell, 2019)

Scott Conarroe (b. 1974, Edmonton) is a Swiss-based Canadian artist. His work has been collected by the National Gallery of Canada, Stadt Zürich and the Carnegie Museum of Art.

His series By Rail and By Sea look at railways and the coastal perimeter of the US and Canada; they depict the westernmost front of Western Civilization as a vast bloc of Cold War superpower and British Empire outpost. And Frontière, Frontiera, Grenze looks at the movable borders four Alps nations negotiated in response to acute glacial melting and watershed drift.

The Great Eastern was undertaken with support from the Canada Council for the Arts and TIME. Scott is represented by Stephen Bulger Gallery.


The Great Eastern explores the changing landscapes, and ponders the effects for the future of a nation poised to dominate the coming decades. Conarroe’s work examines modern-day China against the background of its massive high-speed rail expansion – a domestic strand of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), also known as the New Silk Road.

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