Tono Arias: Encarnados (Dispara, 2019)

Encarnados is a photographic project about the Galician carnival (Entroido) in which Tono Arias has been working for more than a decade. This project has been formalized in three photobooks, Encarnados, DesXeo and Preto.

Tono Arias is a photographer since the 80s. He worked in various media and has published several books and participated in numerous exhibitions. From his studio in Galicia he works in the field of commercial photography, architecture and editorial. In 2012, he starts the project “DISPARA”, a cultural space revolving around documentary and artistic photography.


(1) Encarnados (2019)

Publisher: Dispara

(2) DesXeo (2019)

Publisher: Dispara

(3) Preto (2019)

Publisher: Dispara