Takuma Nakahira: Overflow (Case Publishing, 2018)



Takuma Nakahira’s series ‘Overflow’ was originally presented as an installation during the 1974 exhibition ’Fifteen Photographers Today’ (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo). The work consisted of 48 color photographs that were arranged on a wall 6 meters wide and 1.6 meters high. Overflow is the first chance to view Nakahira’s astonishing series outside the context of an exhibition. Takuma Nakahira (July 6, 1938 – September 1, 2015) was a Japanese photographer and photography critic. In 1968, a group consisting of Nakahira, Yutaka Takanashi, Takahiko Okada, and Kōji Taki published the seminal magazine Provoke.






Overflow compels us as viewers to see the interplay of a seemingly random distribution of fragments, surfaces and residues. And in so doing, we are made to sense the undifferentiated enumeration of parts of an incomplete whole. This is, if you recall, the definition of the “illustrated dictionary” form that Nakahira provided in the essay “Why an Illustrated Botanical Dictionary?” — from Franz K. Prichard’s essay








Book Size: 364 x 257 mm | Pages: 64 pages | Binding: Softcover | Publication Date: 2018 | Language: English and Japanese.


Publisher: http://case-publishing.jp/en/publication/overflow