John Stezaker: Lost World (Ridinghouse, 2017)



British Conceptual artist John Stezaker (b. 1949) is known for his distinctive, often deceptively simple, collages. In 2011, he had a retrospective at the Whitechapel Gallery, London, and, in 2012, he won the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize, even though he does not take photographs.






“Stezaker says collage is about ‘stuff that has lost its immediate relationship with the world’ and involves ‘a yearning for a lost world’. A collector, he works from an archive of out-of-date images—mostly old film stills, vintage actor head shots, and antique postcards. These images come in standard sizes and are highly conventionalised—all variations on themes.” Publisher’s Info








John Stezaker: Lost World | Authors: Geoffrey Batchen, David Campany, Robert Leonard | 27 × 22.5 cm | Softback 88 pages | English.




Video: John Stezaker: Lost World exhibition video at City Gallery Wellington (2017)