Jack Pierson: The Lonely Life (Edition Stemmle, 1996)


Jack Pierson-001


Jack Pierson has been revered for his intimate, color-saturated photographs, along with his quick-hitting word sculptures, collages, drawings, and installation pieces.


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“Pierson creates works that are inherently cinematic in their scope and effects; both are primarily concerned with mood, atmosphere, and exhibit a particularly urban kind of melancholy. His greatest asset, however, is an almost overwhelmingly lush palette, which he uses to depict objects of desire or scenes that are unabashedly sensual and emotional. An excellent example of the artist’s high-key chromaticism, The Lonely Life describes the unique brand of loneliness shared by the performer and the fan, both of whom (like Pierson) are doomed to experience existence solely through the intoxications of art.” (http://www.metmuseum.org/collection/the-collection-online/search/283735)


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Artist: http://www.regenprojects.com/artists/jack-pierson