Yoshiichi Hara: Kamiki No Oto (Sokyusha, 2019)

The 27 images in the photobook Kamiki no oto are the last photographs Yoshiichi Hara was able to take before his death on December 16, 2019.

Hara started the year traveling to different locations in Japan to photograph Shinto rituals and festivals, his mind always occupied by the idea of a “sound of the breath of god.” Shortly after his return to Tokyo, Hara was rushed into the hospital and learned that he had mere weeks left to live. He had the rolls of film developed.

Kamiki no oto (a term coined by Hara to describe the sound that inspired him) consists of 27 prints and was published posthumously.

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Artist: https://yoshiichihara.com/

“My Name Is Carnival” by Jackson C. Frank from his eponymous album. Released: 1965 by Columbia (EMI).

It was produced by Paul Simon, and both Al Stewart and Art Garfunkel attended the recording. It appeared in the film Joker. The protagonist, Arthur Fleck, specifically mentions the song as Fleck calls his clown persona “Carnival”.

I kept a total of 27 prints in the end. I viewed them again and again, listening for that sound over and over. I imagined how If I had just another six months I could have completed this work, but there was nothing I could do.

I was imagining how in the end my breath would be taken back into God’s breath.
It hasn’t been a bad life.

Quotes from Yoshiichi Hara’s afterword

Publisher: Sokyusha