Zhu Lanqing: A Journey in Reverse Direction (Jiazazhi, 2019)

Zhu Lanqing, 1991, born in Dongshan Island, Fujian Province, China. She graduated from the Department of Photojournalism at the RENMIN University of China and then moved to Taiwan to study at the Institute of Applied Arts in Fujen Catholic University.

Her works are most related to the hometown and place, have been published in many magazines and shown at different international art festivals like ECHIGO-TSUMARI ART FIELD, Rencontres-Arles International Photo Festival, FORMAT International Photography Festival and so on.

Her second book A Journey in Reverse Direction won the Three Shadows Photography Award 2014 and Jimei×Arles Discovery Award 2015.

Artist: http://www.zhulanqing.com/

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These photos were taken on Dongshan Island, located in the Zhangzhou area of Fujian Province.

Modern urban’s development tends to afflict those who leave with amnesia-they forget such a place ever existed. I can only follow behind them, using images to “resist” these unforeseen changes. My hometown has been influencing me and shaping me since the day I was born.

Like the beginning of a story, I found an outfit passed down from my ancestors in my mother’s room. This is how my home interacts with me. Maybe the only thing I can see is what it wants me to see. Photographing my hometown was like traveling through a dingy memory, through an internal negativity.

Zhu Lanqing

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Publisher: Jiazazhi