Xiaoxiao Xu: Watering My Horse by a Spring at the Foot of the Long Wall (The Eriskay Connection, 2020)

Xiaoxiao Xu (Qingtian, China, 1984) emigrated from China to The Netherlands in 1999.

In 2009 she cum laude graduated from the Photo Academy in Amsterdam. After graduation, she won The Photo Award and held her first solo show in FotoMuseum Antwerpen.

Books: 2016 “Aeronautics in the backyard”, The Eriskay Connection; 2015 “The sound of stars”, Osservatorio Fotografico; 2014 “The way to the golden mountain”, Sturm&Drang; 2013 “Love doll factory” with Marco van Duyvendijk, selfpublished.

Artist: https://xiaoxiaoxu.com/

Video: Aeronautics in the backyard | Xiao Xiao Xu | TEDxAmsterdam (2016)

For Watering My Horse, Xiaoxiao Xu (CN/NL) followed the lives of the people along the foot of the Great Wall of China, a road trip of 25,000 kilometers. Contrary to what many people think, the Chinese wall is not a single continuous construction, but rather a collection of walls and towers built during various Chinese dynasties.

Despite the decline, there is a lively relationship with the wall among the local population that honour and protect the wall. Xu tried to discover the impact of fast-growing China on this historic site. What does the wall reflect today? Which elements have disappeared and which remnants have survived?

Publisher`s Info

The book contains an essay by Maria-Caterina Bellinetti (US). She is a writer and art historian specialized in photography, Chinese visual culture and propaganda. In her essay she writes about the wall as a symbol and connections the work of Xiaoxiao to the history of the wall.