Pino Musi: Border Soundscapes (Artphilein Editions, 2019)

Pino Musi is a photographer and teacher based in Paris.

Pino started his practice at the age of 14, learning the black and white technique by himself. The fascination for the darkroom as well as constant attendance at the avant-garde theater, at least until the end of the 1980s, have been central to his experimentation into the linguistic and conceptual realms.

Musi’s work showed multiple fields of interest such as anthropology, architecture, archeology or again, industry. His current research on form is part of a coherent project and finds the finest mean of expression through the art of bookmaking, particularly in the creation of artist books, for which he has been acclaimed internationally on various occasions. So far, more than twenty-five books with his works have been published, including, recently, Border Soundscapes.


Video: ARTIST TALKS – PINO MUSI by Paris Photo 2019 (Vimeo)

Abstraction, in Musi’s photography, must be understood on the basis of its quantitative dimension, a dimension that is geometric, digital, informatic, and electronic. Musi is not looking for qualitative beauty, he is striving for the quantitative sublime, a sublime that oppresses and disappoints any form of knowledge.

In the ‘Border Soundscapes’ series, architectural enfermement, sound codes and visual matrices evoke the feeling of a “mathematical sublime”, a feeling generated in equal measure by the mystical pleasure of the formula repeated in the image and by the inadequacy of our gaze when faced with the possibility of piercing and inhabiting the difference and repetition of the peri-urban galaxies that Musi delivers to the eyes of those listening to his soundscapes.

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