Short Cuts 08

Short Cuts 08 presents 4 new photobooks. It starts with The New Black Vanguard Photography and concludes with Jamie Hawkesworth and Joan Didion.

(1) Antwaun Sargent: The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion (Aperture, 2019)

In The New Black Vanguard: Photography between Art and Fashion, curator and critic Antwaun Sargent addresses a radical transformation taking place in fashion and art today. The presentation of black figures and black runway and cover models in the media and art has been one marker of increasingly inclusive fashion and art communities. More critically, however, the contemporary visual vocabulary around beauty and the body has been reinfused with new vitality and substance thanks to an increase in powerful images authored by an international community of black photographers.

Publisher’s Info

Publisher: Aperture

Antwaun Sargent is an independent writer, curator, and critic whose work has been published in the New Yorker, New York Times, W, Vogue, VICE, and various museum catalogues, among other publications.

(2) Tod Papageorge: On The Acropolis (Stanley/Barker, 2019)

Between 1983 and 84 Tod Papageorge spent two summers at the Acropolis in Greece, producing a body of work that seems lost in time, fusing the ancient with the modern.

Publisher’s Info

I stayed at a nice hotel, the Zafolia, five minutes from the Acropolis, where every surface in my room was marble, and where I did laps in the pool every evening, driving the hotel staff crazy. I usually ate lunch at the vegetarian restaraunte in the Plaka, right under the Pathenon. I just liked the food. Have no memory at all of where I’d go for dinner. Very solitary the whole time. That was it: Up The Hill in the Morning, down for lunch, usually back up for more, then a swim then dinner somewhere nearby.

Tod Papageorge

Publisher: Stanley/Barker

Artist Page: Pace/MacGill Gallery

(3) Navia: Alma Tierra (Ediciones Anómalas, 2019)

Even though it only appears explicitly in some of the photographs in this book, in almost all of them we perceive the presence of the sign we’ve been seeing for years on our travels to so-called empty Spain and that sums up the message of this work by José Manuel Navia: FOR SALE. Everything is for sale: houses, land, horizons, even the souls of villages whose residents abandoned them in search of a better, or at least a less lonely, life. While urban and peripheral Spain grows disproportionately, inland and rural Spain are suffering in extremes that would surprise even Spaniards if, besides speaking of depopulation and abandonment as they often do of late, they decided to check the extension and importance of both phenomena for themselves.

Julio Llamazares, from the text in the book

Navia (Madrid, 1957) is a photographer and philosophy graduate. His photojournalism as a reporter has gradually moved towards a more personal and deliberated photography, always working in colour, always within the field of the documentary. His images, coming from profoundly Iberian sources, explore territories and peoples linked to their origins and culture in one form or another. He has been a member of the VU agency, Paris since 1992.


(4) Jamie Hawkesworth and Joan Didion: On Keeping a Notebook (The Gould Collection, 2019)

The Gould Collection is a series of books that brings together contemporary photographers with writers. It is co-edited by Laurence Vecten (Paris), Russet Lederman (New York City) and Yoko Sawada (Tokyo).

On Keeping a Notebook, volume four of The Gould Collection pairs forty-four photographs and five drawings by British photographer Jamie Hawkesworth with American writer Joan Didion’s essay On Keeping a Notebook. Through words for Didion and images for Hawkesworth, volume four focuses on the practice of collecting fragmentary thoughts and observations within an artist’s creative process. Hawkesworth’s photographs—shot from 2012 through 2019 in Japan, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, United States, United Kingdom, among other locations—are a personal record of his short pleasurable journeys. While Didion’s musings in her essay On Keeping a Notebook, written in 1966, examine the fluid line between fact and fiction through the comments and notes that fill her private journal.

Publisher’s Info

Jamie Hawkesworth (British, born 1987) is a fashion and documentary photographer who creates nuanced and empathetic portrayals of the landscape, architecture, and people. His Preston Bus Station photographs and short film have been exhibited internationally and were published as a book in 2017.

Joan Didion (American, born 1934) is a journalist and writer of novels, essays, screenplays, and autobiographical works, which incisively explore social fragmentation, cultural chaos and the disintegration of American morals. In 2005, she won the National Book Award for Nonfiction and was a finalist for both the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Biography / Autobiography for her book The Year of Magical Thinking