Ludovic Carème: Brésils São Paulo // Brésils Amazonie (Editions Xavier Barral, 2019)

Ludovic Carème is a photographer born in France. He lives today between Sao Paulo and Paris. Ludovic photographs celebrities and ordinary people. His work is published in two books: São Paulo and Amazonie.


Exhibition: Brésils; from June 30 to September 29, 2019; Friche Belle de Mai; 13003 Marseille, France.

(1) Brésils São Paulo

Settled in Brazil for more than ten years, Ludovic Carème focuses his lens first on the the favela of Agua Branca in São Paulo where unstable workers live. Then, he decides to go backwards the long way taken by the favela inhabitants. He goes where it all begins, at the source of the exodus, in the luxuriant Amazonian forest to meet with the seringueiros, “latex soldiers”.

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(2) Brésils Amazonie