Terry Bennett: Early Japanese Images (Tuttle Publishing, 1996)

Terry Bennett is a specialist in early photography of the Far East, with expert knowledge of the photographic pioneers who first explored the world in the late nineteenth century. He is the co-author of Japan: Caught in Time (1995) and author of Early Japanese Images (1996), Korea: Caught in Time (1997), Photography in Japan 1853-1912 (2006), Old Japanese Photographs: Collector’s Data Guide (2006), Japan and the Illustrated London News: Complete Record of Recorded Events, 1853-1899 (2006) and has published many articles on related topics.

This book reproduces over 140 images taken between 1853 and 1905 by the most important local and foreign photographers then working in Japan. Almost one-fourth of the images are handcolored, superb examples of a rich art form long since vanished.
Important features of Early Japanese Images include a historical overview of the years 1853-1912; the story of early Western photographers in Japan; the story of early Japanese photographers; over 100 images reproduced in original sepia tones; over 40 images reproduced as originally handcolored; and an invaluable index that for the first time identifies the photographers of over 1,200 early photographs taken in Japan.

Publisher`s Info

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing