Sybren Vanoverberghe: 2099 // Conference of the Birds (Art Paper Editions, 2018 // 2019)

Sybren Vanoverberghe (°1996, Kortrijk) is an artist based in Ghent, Belgium. His work functions as an analysis of the correlation between place and time and the ever recurring cycle of history. He searches for elements of myths, nature and heritage both within ordinary sites as in places of historical importance.

Vanoverberghe his work has been published in books such as ¡Pírate! (2017) and 2099 (2018). In September he will publish Conference of the Birds (2019) with Art Paper Editions and will show his work at the UNSEEN Photofair in Amsterdam, NL.


(1) 2099 (2018)

2099 shows images of remembrance linked to my perception on the constant evolution of history and its repetitive character. Deconstructed places and manipulated icons are working on an associative basis to create a new overview of the present.
Sybren Vanoverberghe

Solo Show ‘2099’ – RIOT – Ghent, BE

(2) Conference of the Birds (2019)

A small desert village has been photographed obsessively and captured from every angle possible. Elements are positioned in the frame so that they are repeated in the next.  The photographs move in closely to the landscape of a palm tree village. The village is small and serene. Palm trees appear all over the place, they are burned, bend, dry and dead. They resemble pillars and artefacts that are left behind on various historical sites and they can be associated with land art installations.
Publisher‘s Info

Conference of the Birds, MAP#94,De Glazen Gang, Ghent, BE
Publisher: Art Paper Editions