Robert Darch: The Moor (Another Place Press, 2018)



Robert Darch is a British artist-photographer, educator & curator, based in the South West of England. He holds an MFA with distinction in Photographic Arts and a MA with distinction in Photography & the Book from Plymouth University. Robert is the Associate Curator at Unveil’d and also created Macula a collective for young photographers based in Exeter. The Moor is his first photobook which was published with Another Place Press and launched at the Martin Parr Foundation.







The Moor depicts a fictionalised dystopian future situated on the bleak moorland landscapes of Dartmoor. Drawing on childhood memories of Dartmoor alongside influences from contemporary culture, the narrative references local and universal mythology to give context but suggests something altogether more unknown


The Moor portrays an eerie world that shifts between large open vistas, dark forests, makeshift dwellings, uncanny visions and isolated figures. The sense of an on-going narrative is reinforced by the reoccurrence of characters, often appearing on edge, in peril or distressed.


The fiction is grounded within the landscapes of Dartmoor, using found locations instead of overt staging, artificial lights or constructed sets. Shifting between pseudo documentary and constructed photography the Moor blurs that liminal space between fiction and reality. Publisher`s Info









Design by Iain Sarjeant | Cover Illustration by Ben Javens | 54 pages | 235 x 190mm | Includes 3 foldout spreads | Softcover.





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Band: Gas (Wolfgang Voigt) | Album: Pop: Year: 2000.