Thomas Demand: The Complete Papers (Mack, 2018)



Thomas Demand (born 1964) is a sculptor and photographer. He creates large-scale photographs that probe the relationship between reproduction and original. Trained as a sculptor, the German artist reconstructs media images of complex interior scenes using ephemeral materials like paper and cardboard. After photographing the painstakingly-crafted, life-sized models, Demand destroys them, leaving only photographic evidence of their fleeting existence.







The Complete Papers is an extensive volume encompassing all of Thomas Demand’s work over the past 28 years, together with the primary texts written about his practice. The book includes previously unseen early works from 1990, together with reference reproductions on every one of his pieces. Publisher’s Info









Embossed hardcover in slipcase | 504 pages | 24 x 29 cm | Edited by Christy Lange | Design by Naomi Misuzaki | Texts by Jeffrey Eugenides, Neville Wakefield, Julia Franck, Russell Ferguson, Adrian Searle and Francesco Bonami | Publication date: November 2018.




Video: Thomas Demand Interview: Constructing the Authentic for Louisiana Channel (Youtube)