Michael Ackerman: Fiction (Delpire Books, 2001)


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Michael Ackerman was born in Tel Aviv in 1967. In 1974, he emigrated to New York with his family. The city, with its varied neighborhoods, streets and inhabitants, provides endless material for his generally nocturnal explorations. In his photographs the world seems out of range, the geography makes no sense. Out of the dark, figures and places appear as in movement.


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“I try to escape the traps of reality all the while conserving a link to the real. Because photos aren’t inventions but meeting points. It’s not an aesthetic search. That my photographs are haunted isn’t exactly a deliberate choice. But for me, photography is inseperable from disparateness.” (Michael Ackerman)


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Artist: https://www.agencevu.com/photographers/photographer.php?id=1

Publisher (German edition): Kehayoff Verlag

Publisher (French edition): Delpire Books