Robert Rauschenberg: Photographien 1949-1962


“What if we begin to think of the entirety of Rauschenberg’s output as essentially a photographic endeavor?” (Nicholas Cullinan excerpted from his essay, “To Exist in Passing Time.”)






“Robert Rauschenberg, an artist of towering achievement, painted not only with the brush. He also employed, in his works on canvas, the photographs he took throughout his life, as well as found objects. Although the progression of his work aligns with Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, Pop Art and Conceptual Art, no one movement can claim him. Rauschenberg said that when it came to photography, “the camera is the transport for my eye and carries my seeing from place to place.”






Robert Rauschenberg


Robert Rauschenberg: Photographien 1949-196; edited by Susan Davidson and David White with an essay by Nicholas Cullinan; 232 pages; 167 illustrations including 132 colour and duotone plates; size: 24 x 28 cm; hardcover.



Publisher: Schirmer Mosel