Brenton Hamilton: A Blue Idyll – Cyanotypes and Dreams (Schilt Publishing, 2020)

For over 25 years visual artist and historian Brenton Hamilton has created a sustained body of work, mostly concentrated within the historic processes employing XIX century photography techniques, such as gum bichromate forms, platinum, collodion ambrotypes on black glass, French variants of paper calotype and the embellished cyanotype.

Brenton Hamilton is a well-known mentor, teacher on the campus of Maine Media Workshops and a leading educator and historian. His photographs are widely collected and exhibited internationally and held in numerous permanent collections at: The Farnsworth Museum, Rockland, Maine. The Portland Museum of Art Portland, Maine. The University of New England and the Lamar Dodd Art Center in Georgia.



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Such a concise and pure performance. Wow!

Singers tricolor gum bichromate 2018
Devoured palladium 2017

Influenced by the Surrealist motifs; coaxing dreamlike, chance collisions of fragments from art history, Hamilton shapes a new landscape in his photographs. The present symbolism of the dark night sky and the freedom to look outside himself towards unfettered ideas and musings, learning to make a new place with paper and metal salts and light allowing him to rest and wonder.

He combines human anatomy, astronomy and botanical imagery to create intriguing and provocative arrangements. His work references to ancient Greece and Rome, as well as 15th and 16th century Dutch and Italian paintings. Hamilton uses symbols and visual elements from the history of art to create a thoroughly contemporary vision.

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Tower Rise palladium 2014

A Blue Idyll – Cyanotypes and Dreams by Brenton Hamilton is published by Schilt Publishing, available in stores and online for €50 | $60.