Tag: Visual diary

Linda Zhengová: Catharsis

Following her academic research, Linda Zhengová now brings to the forefront a visual analysis in the form of a photobook.

Paddy Summerfield: Home Movie

This is about falling from innocence into exile, a dark world of claustrophobic interiors, of low life bars and stained streets.

Petra Barth: Anderswo / Elsewhere

Petra Barth has focused her art on memory, relating to human, social and environmental issues in rural communities worldwide.

Hanayo: Keep an Eye Shut

Keep an Eye Shut summarizes thirty years of the activities of Japanese photographer, artist, musician, and model Hanayo Nakajima.

Maura Sullivan: Things We Remember

Things We Remember invites viewers into the mysterious, elegant, and compelling world that the New York City-based photographer creates.

Yurian Quintanas Nobel: Dream Moons

Dreams Moons is a story in the first person. It mixes photography and text to tell on a journey through a bizarre dream. It takes place within the corridors and rooms of the artist’s house.

Will Harris: You Can Call Me Nana

A personal yet universal family memoir where a photographer confronts his grandmother’s dementia and tries to make sense of their changing relationship.

Ward Long: Summer Sublet

Ward Long is a photographer living in Oakland, California. Working in his home state and the American South, Ward blends a documentary style with personal storytelling.

Favorite Photobooks of 2020 (1)

(1): Martin and Inge Riebeek: The Essential (2020); (2) John Divola: Chroma (2020); (3) No Olho da Rua (In the Eye of the Street) (2020); (4) Vivian Keulards: To Hans (2020).

Sonja Trabandt: Übermorgen Schnee

Tomorrowsʼ Snow tells a story about cancer, depression and friendship with still lifes, anonymous portraits, medical scans, landscapes and stagings.