Huma Rosentalski: 1990 DDR (Hands on Papers, 2020)

February 1990, commissioned by Philippe Morris, Huma Rosentalski travelled through the still existing GDR.


“Hau drauf und hau ab” from Das Weltall ist zu weit by Die Sterne. Released: 2004 by V2 records. (Link)

The travel guide assigned to him, a former refugee from the GDR, has to serve too many west contacts to find the time to show the photographer his dissolving country. Gold rush.
He hands Rosentalski over to his assistant and with him and the slogan “when reunification comes” a journey begins – before the first free elections and before Helmut Kohl’s blooming lanscapes.

Rosentalski’s photographs where sent to the US and disappeared.

Left over in the photographer’s archive stayed a set of anonymous portraits.

Publisher’s Info

Publisher: Hands on Papers

28 × 40 cm, 40 pages, digital printed, edition of 500. Edited by Martin Borst and Johannes Tolk, Berlin, 2020.