Alessandro Bo: Exotica (Inframundo Editorial, 2019)

Alessandro Bo (1982) is a photographer born in Mexico City. After living and studying photography four years in Australia, he returns home and since then published for various national and international magazines.

In 2018, he publishes his first photobook called Smail by Inframundo Editorial. He has just finished his second photobook called Exótica. His work has been exhibited around Mexico, United States and Dominican Republic.


Cinema: Sem Teto from Outro Tempo: Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978​-​1992 (Music From Memory, 2017)

EXOTICA is a work in progress that reinterprets the journeys of adventurers and explorers who dared into complex and dangerous expeditions in the “wild territories” of Mexico throughout the XIX – XX centuries. Most of the notes and illustrations gathered along these trips ended up as valuable documents around the World.

Being born in Mexico as the first generation of European immigrants, I find a connection with these stories and a need to appropriate and reincarnate into the experiences of some of these explorers and the arrival of my ancestors to these territories that, among many other reasons, had the craving to venture into the unknown, and the eternal human ideal to find their own paradise.

Alessandro Bo

INFRAMUNDO is a collective project created in Mexico based on the intersection of experiences to produce photobooks, experimenting with different narrative tools, hybrid production and collaborative practices.

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