Esko Männikkö: Naarashauki: The Female Pike (Self-Published, 2000)

Esko Männikkö was born in 1959 in Pudasjärvi in the northern part of Finland. He lives and works in Oulu.

He was the winner of the 2008 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, and the subject of a major retrospective entitled Time Flies, which traveled from the Taidehalli Kunsthal in Helskini (2014) to the Huis Marseille in the Netherlands (2015).

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Finnish photographer Esko Männikkö gained international acclaim in the mid 1990s with the series Far North, depicting isolated bachelors living in the north of Finland. His visually dense photographs of everyday life are informed by a rigorously formal approach to the subject matter. Whether photographing animals, dilapidated buildings, or landscapes, Männikkö’s particular use of cropping and deeply saturated color palette demonstrates a strong affinity to painting. This connection is emphasized by his choice of frames, either found or handmade, and deliberately selected to complement the content of the photograph. Rather than creating fixed narratives, Männikkö’s work calls for a more open-ended, metaphoric mode of interpretation.
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