Leafhopper: It´s a wonderful Life (Phree, 2019)

David Simon Martret & Blanca Galindo (1984) are a documentary photography duo working together as Leafhopper and currently living between Barcelona and Kuala Lumpur. David Simon Martret studied philosophy at UB and photography at IEFC. Blanca obtained her Media degree at UAB and University of California SB, expanding her photo studies at IDEP and Cienojos’s Invernadero Grant. They combine assignments and personal projects. Their photography works and articles explore human adaptation in controversial politico-social environments, creating critical and self-reflexive documents.

Their project on a gay and transgender nightclub, operating on the fringes of the law in Kuala Lumpur, was selected as part of Photoespaña’s Descubrimientos 15. It’s a Wonderful Life is a visual essay about general addictions and was finalist at Gomma Photography Grant 2017.

Artist: https://leafhopper.eu/

Escaping from the fact of death has been throughout history and geography inherent to human beings. These series of images consider addiction as an adaptation, a way of connection, a driving force that make us forget the fact that everything is on the Nature will disappear or somehow change the way we know it now.

Escaping from oneself has been throughout history and geography inherent to human beings and animals. We have both experience how some relatives or beloved friends felt in the arms of addiction. And because of that it’s been an important issue to us, and we have been covering substance addiction stories in Russian, Asia and Europe in order to understand more about this process and what lead people to get enroll in this circuit of obsession. For us to photograph is not only a tool for capturing reality fragments but a tool of interpretation and learning in the process.

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Publisher: Phree