Ingvar Kenne: Citizen – Portraits 1997-2012 (2012)



Ingvar Kenne (b.1965 in Sweden) studied Photography Bachelor of Arts at the University of Gothenburg between 1988-1991. In 2009 he won the National Photographic Portrait Prize at NPG in Canberra. In 2012 his solo show Citizen opened at the National Portrait Gallery in conjunction with a book launch, making it his third portrait monograph. He is currently in production with his fifth monograph The Ball. He lives between Sydney and New York.




© 2013 Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne





These images are from a broad subject of people I came across over the course of a decade plus, either by chance or through commissioned work. There is no narrative connecting the people – other than they met me and my camera, applying the same parameters and taxonomic approach.

A prime minister, a prostitute, famous actors, my wife, a priest and a nun, tribal dancers, a now dead friend, child sex offenders…

They were taken in Australia, China, Laos, Papua New Guinea, USA; places I happened to be in during this time. However, their public persona (if they have one) was almost beside the point – I wanted them to simply represent man or woman. Ingvar Kenne




© 2013 Edmund Pearce Gallery, Melbourne







Designed by: Ingvar Kenne and one8one7 | Texts by: Andrew Sayers, Carla D. Stang, Mark Mordue | Format: 270mm x 300mm | Language: English | Number of plates: 111 | Pages: 138.




Video: Everything you always wanted to know about Ingvar Kenne by film maker Cameron Gray (Vimeo)


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