Ted Partin: Eyes Look Through You ( Hirmer Publishers, 2010)


Ted Partin: Eyes Look Through You is the printed catalog for a exhibition of the American artist Ted Partin (b. 1977, Tarrytown, New York) shown in Germany (2010) at Kunstmuseen Krefeld.




“Partin travels the country, with an unwieldy 8×10 inch camera, photographing friends or people he happens to see on the street. Every time, he has to set up the camera, install it on its stand, drape the black cloth over his head, and press the shutter release. This is a lengthy process, and his models have to keep still for quite a time. Most of them look fixedly and naturally in the photographer’s direction: they play the game, receiving his gaze and returning it.” (http://www.frieze.com/shows/review/ted_partin/)




“His subject is people captured in everyday situations: in city streets, at home, in their cars and in the countryside. Using the means of analogue photography, and in a time-consuming process, he creates pictures in which the figures take up a natural pose. The scenes come across as intimate and aloof at the same time. The people show themselves on occasion naked but unashamed. The beholder is at once an intimate and a voyeur. And yet he learns next to nothing of the sitters, their social status, or their background. An irresolvable contradiction lurks in the photographs, a contradiction that has its origin in the documentary claim to reality on the one hand and the desire on the part of the photographer for a cinematic mise-en-scène on the other.” (http://www.hirmerverlag.de/us/titel-1-1/ted_partin-302/)





Ted Partin: Eyes Look Through You; 120 pages; 6 colour illustrations and 42 in duotone; 24 x 28 cm; hardcover


Artist: http://www.photography-now.com/artist/ted-partin

Publisher: http://www.hirmerverlag.de/us/titel-1-1/ted_partin-302/