Guido Guidi: Veramente (Mack, 2014)

Guido Guidi (b. 1941, Cesena, Italy) lives and works in Cesena. His work, spanning over more than 40 years, has focused on rural and suburban landscapes in Italy and Europe. Since 1986 Guidi has taught photography at various Italian universities, and since 2001 he has been a visiting professor at the IUAV, Venice.

Veramente is a comprehensive overview of Guido Guidi’s oeuvre. It was published in conjunction with his exhibition at the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson in 2014.


Photographing = Inhabiting. Most of Guido Guidi’s work follows this equation. This is why so many of his images are shot in the areas he frequents the most: Emilia Romagna, the region of Northern Italy where he was born and still lives, and the neighbouring Veneto region, where he first studied (industrial design and architecture) and then taught in the same university. The result is an original combination of two apparently contrasting elements: analysis and affection.

Pedro Alfacinha

There are things I do not like in this world. I could be ironic, but I’m very careful not to be.

Guido Guidi

Publisher: Mack Books