Mark Gill – The Airborne Toxic Event (Self-published, 2020)

Mark Gill is an Oscar and BAFTA nominated writer & director from Manchester in the United Kingdom. His debut feature film ENGLAND IS MINE, a biopic based on the early life of pop icon Morrissey.

Mark’s first major short film THE VOORMAN PROBLEM, starring Martin Freeman and Tom Hollander, was nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA.

He is currently in development on a biopic of the life of legendary Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase. The film is being made with the support of the Masahisa Fukase Archive and the Japanese Business Federation.

In 2020 Mark published his first photographic book The Airborne Toxic Event.



Mark Gill - The Airborne Toxic Event - Bildersturm Blog

By The Way

An uncanny collection of ambient / dream pop / entheogenic reveries!

Mark Gill - The Airborne Toxic Event - Bildersturm Blog
Mark Gill - The Airborne Toxic Event - Bildersturm Blog

Inspired by the chapter of the same name in Don Delillo’s novel White Noise – “the airborne toxic event” chronicles a chemical spill that leads to the evacuation of the small town inhabited by the protagonist Jack Gladney and his family.

During the process of evacuation Jack is exposed to a potentially lethal dose of the chemical and thus begins Jack’s obsession with his own and everyone else’s mortality.

Everyone approaches death in different and often contradictory ways. Some with terror, others dispassionately, others with faith. But when the outbreak of COVID 19, took the lives of two family members within 72 hours of each other, death was no longer reduced to a white noise lingering menacingly in the background of my life.

I suppose this series of photographs is not only a response to their deaths but also to document in someway what was happening globally but with my lens restricted to my local environment.

What unfolded was a sometimes tragic, sometimes comic attempt of local people going about their daily lives caught between survival instincts and the sudden spectre of an uncertain future.

Publisher’s description

Mark Gill - The Airborne Toxic Event - Bildersturm Blog
Mark Gill - The Airborne Toxic Event - Bildersturm Blog
Dimensions30 x 30 cm
Signed CopyYes
ISBN 139781527265189
No. of Pages62